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  1. You must be atleast 18 years of age to bid and/or purchase items on East Liquidation & Auctions.
  2. This is an auction website. When you place a bid, you are making a commitment to meet, and purchase said item for your bid price. Thus, before you place your bid you must be sure you want the item and will complete the purchase.
  3. Buyer beware, please be sure of what you are buying before placing your bid. Please contact us first should you have questions about an item up for sale. Once you place your bid, you are required to pay for and pickup the item if you are declared the high bidder. We will not cancel bids!
  4. Each auction event has its own set of terms that should be followed. If you fail to abide by auction terms set forth we will block your access to our website for you and your household from bidding/buying in future events.
  5. We reserve the right to limit or reject access of the East Liquidation & Auctions website to anyone, for any reason.
  6. We will use information you provided when registering to verify your identity.

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